1-to-1 Business Advisory Engagement

Our Centres provide business advisory in the area of Productivity, Marketing, Human Resource and Finance as well as appropriate assistance schemes to uplift your business capabilities.

In-depth diagnostic advisory

In deepening our business advisory, through the use of assessment toolkits, we can assist to identify your business gaps / business needs throughout the different business functional areas.

Capability Workshops

We organises capability workshops to help SMEs from various industries to strengthen foundations for their business growth, build their capacity and competitiveness in the market, improve their performance, and achieve their goals. These are covered in the four capability pillars of Productivity, Marketing, Human Resource and Financial Management.

Group Based Upgrading projects

At the sectoral or locality level, our Centre assists to identify meaningful solutions for SMEs that lead to capability building or enhancing productivity. This comes in the form of identifying suitable solutions or vendors for the development and deployment of collective solutions for a group of SMEs.


SME Centre@ASME organises monthly pro bono legal with leading experts in their practice field for your business-related matters.

Partners for Business Growth (PBG)

Partners for Business Growth (PBG) is an SME Centre Enhancement initiative for SME companies that demonstrate ability to accelerate growth and are keen to transform their business in areas such as Productivity, Innovation, and Internationalization. Our Business Development Advisor (BDA) will partner these businesses to jointly develop business plans and support implementation efforts.